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Three Rooster Sun!

By Kentucky for Kentucky |

It's been almost 10 years since The Mountain dropped their now world famous 'Three Wolf Moon' t-shirt designed by artist Antonia Neshev. Made famous by some amazing Amazon reviews, many consider this to be the most iconic t-shirt in the history of the Internet. We sure do. While we had absolutely nothing to do with this amazing and epic t-shirt, we have been spending the past 9 years working on a follow up to it. Call it a tribute. Call it a polar opposite. Call it awesome. Call it chicken shit. We call it "Three Rooster Sun."
While there have been countless Three Wolf Moon spoofs over the years, this one is different. So what makes it so different? Three Wolf Moon obviously celebrates the night with three wolves howling at the moon, Three Rooster Sun celebrates the day with three roosters howling at the sun. One represents night (evil) while the other represents day (good). From urban farming to hot chicken, roosters are more en vogue than ever. Designed in the heart of chicken & rooster country (Kentucky) by artist Rachael Sinclair for Ky for Ky. The reviews are already rolling in:
"…The sun shown like a spotlight and settled on an old oak tree. Shivering shirtless in the cool morning air, I reached my hand into the hollow and pulled out the most magnificent tee! Three Rooster Sun! I immediately put it on.
My luck had changed. I won the lottery. I can lift 100 pounds like it's nothing. I inherited a pizzeria where I met the love of my life. After a pulitzer prize, 3 gold medals, and a successful city council run, I can finally say that I owe all my thanks to Three Rooster Sun!"
-Brandon, 34, Richmond, KY
Wow, that's something, Brandon! Thank you so much for sharing your testimonial.
Harness the power of the rising sun! Get yourself a Three Rooster Sun T-Shirt online now right here at

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