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10 Kentucky Halloween Costume Ideas For 2018

By Andrew Allingham |

Halloween is right around the corner. Don't have a costume yet? Don't worry, we've got 10 ideas that are sure to win you honorable mention in any Kentucky-specific Halloween costume contest!

Need a quick couples costume? Look no further than the Two Headed Copperhead that a couple found in their Leslie County backyard!

Get That Look: Two Snake Costumes sewn together.

Bring the house down as the Barton Bourbon Barrel House Collapse! Get that look: all of those toilet paper roll tubes you've been hoarding + bourbon.

Win your costume contest as the fastest horse in horse racing, Triple Crown Winner Justify. Get That Look: A horse mask and 3 Burger King Crowns. WWE Championship belt optional.

Not fun at parties? This one is for you, Barstool Sports Pizza Review Guy! Get That Look: A cold slice of pizza.
Ugh Lexington, what about Louisville?!? Well, put on a red shirt and boom, your former Papa John chairman Papa John! Get That Look: Red Shirt and a slice of cold pizza.
Stand out from the other guy holding a slice of pizza costumes as fugitive disability lawyer Eric C. Conn, who was finally captured in a Pizza Hut in Honduras. Get That Look: Cold Pizza and cuffs (don't lose the key!!)

Do your part to end the opioid crisis at your Halloween Party by dressing as one of Matt Bevin's Prayer Rocks! Get That Look: Find a conveniently shaped boulder…or papier-mâché and paint.

Really earn your Halloween costume crown by dressing as Brad Calipari's "Earned Not Given" chest tattoo! Get That Look: Sharpie or a stick and poke if you are truly committed.

Someone's always gotta go and dress as a sexy-something, so it may as well be you. Show some skin, because there's nothing sexier than the world's longest cave system, Mammoth Cave! Get That Look: Scissors and a shirt. And an innie.

Need a real winner? You could always go as costume contest champion 3 years running, Zombie Kim Davis! Get That Look: Lots of layers, spectacles, and pinned back hair.
Be safe out there! We hope you have a fun Halloween! Still in the mood for horror? Click here for Kentucky haunts, and visit the shop for kick-ass Kentucky gear! 

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