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Restaurant Carry Out Covid-Style

By KY for KY Store Admin |

While we may be cooped up again to protect each other from COVID, we're thinking of all the yummy carry-out options there!

Plus, as a small business ourselves, we're always looking for ways to support businesses in our community. With the recent Kentucky regulations on closing indoor dining, we know buying from restaurants is super important to carry tham to the other side of the pandemic. Our staff, all based in Lexington, Kentucky, pick these local carry-out favorites...

  • Andrew, Ship Captain & Merry Question Answerer, is going with Stella's Kentucky Deli. He's a big fan of the Pick 4 Mix & Match, because he has a hard time deciding and wants it all. And of course all the Pies.
  • Big Boss Anna wants Doodles, so that's what Anna's getting.
  • Sassy Nickname Specialist, Ben, is gonna get the chicken every time at Long John Silver's. Hands down the best, Ben says.
  • Erick The Hern, and Adam, our Y'allidaytime Extraordinaire, would do a breakfast anytime at Lexington Diner. Adam would put their Biscuits 'n' Gravy and their Grits head-to-head with any others out there and Erick's getting the Garden Omelette.
  • Griffin "La Mascotte" keeps an eye out for Black Soil special menus, dinner subscriptions, and other offerings. 
  • The Great Hambino, Ham, is a Local Taco fan. He's going for the Threefer... Smoked Brisket Taco, Local BBQ Taco, and Steak Taco.
  • Kylie The Golden Witch, can't get enough of Miyako Poké Bowl. She calls the Ahi Tuna and Fried Tofu "perfect" and recommends getting a custom bowl to make your very own concoction! 
  • Samantha, our Toxic Positivity Coordinator, says there's literally no better soul food in Lexington than Josanne's Homestyle Soul Kitchen. Get her the Fried Chicken, Greens, and Sweet Potatoes... STAT!
  • Sarah Wylie, The Morning-Person Faker, is always ready for some Sav's Grill. Mafen, Grits, and Plantains... yes please!
  • You'll find Toni AKA Tony AKA Toné carrying-out from Bourbon n' Toulouse. Here's her pro tip: order the secret menu item “The Truth.” Will you trust her on this one?
  • Hype-Guy Whit, is gonna get the Hellbabe Pizza and Woodfired Beet Salad from Pearl's. Hell Yeah!

By the way, even when you're picking up and carrying out, do the mask, and the 6 feet, and the whole thing... mmkay?

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