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Where to Find Kick-Ass Fried Chicken in Kentucky

By Tom Wilmes |

In honor of National Fried Chicken Day, we've tapped the collective wisdom of Kentucky for Kentucky readers to help us round up the top spots in the state to get your fried chicken fix.

Happy National Fried Chicken Day, y'all!


Awhile back we wrote about our pick for where to find the tastiest fried chicken in Kentucky — the Save-A-Lot deli on Southland Dr. in Lexington. It's awesome.

And we weren't alone in our love for Save-A-Lot's chicken.


"Oh, yeah! Save-A-Lot wins the chicken 'fry off' hands down … No Contest!" Joie commented.


"So true, knew it was the best in Lex, but now the state as well!" said Rachel.


The conversation got lively — as it often does when talking about fried chicken — and y'all offered some great suggestions on where to find a tasty bird.


We've compiled the picks with the most mentions here for those in search of a fried chicken fix. Consider it a National Fried Chicken Day public service announcement.



A lot of Lexington folks love Indi's Fast Food for great fried chicken. Indi's also has several Louisville locations.


Richie's Fast Food, with a location in Lexington and four in Cincinnati, also received several mentions.


"For spicy I'll take Richie's any day," said George. "Indi's is my second and Kroger actually does a great job."


Ruby Jean's Café on Southland Dr. in Lexington received some love, with The Parkette Drive-in, The Merrick Inn and Max's Loudon Square Buffet all mentioned as tops spots in Lexington for great fried chicken.


Nearby, Local Feed in Georgetown, Kurtz Restaurant in Bardstown and Ken's New Market in Paris are all great destinations.


Jason commented that The Trustee's Table at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill serves great chicken. And Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg is also a classic destination.


fried chicken-beaumont inn


The Food Giant in Guthrie, Kentucky, mounted a strong case for why it serves the best fried chicken in the state, and was the overall top mention.


"It has been named 'crack chicken' by many because they just can't get enough!" said Terris.


Food Giant must know its chicken, because Michael says the Food Giant in Reidland, on the outskirts of Paducah, also has great fried chicken.


A close second in terms of mentions, Joe's Drive-in Chicken in Isom is a much-loved destination for fried chicken and is well worth the drive.


There were also a few votes for Joella's Hot Chicken, but shouldn't Nashville-style hot chicken be in its own category? Kentucky-fried or bust.


In Louisville, Dasha Barbour's Southern Bistro is a can't-miss spot.


The Valu Market in Mid City Mall also received a nod, and Shirley says the fried chicken at Big Momma's Soul Food Kitchen is "so good it will make you slap someone!" while Andy liked the chicken at Cottage Inn.


Brent says head for Family Affair Restaurant and Catering in Salvisa, while James says The Colonial Inn in Russellville serves the best.


The Market Place in Madisonville comes highly recommended, as does K's Bestway IGA in Augusta.


And you can't go wrong with Claudia Sanders Dinner House in Shelbyville or Harland Sanders Museuam and Cafe in Corbin. They're two Kentucky originals.


Fried Chicken-Sanders Court


Peggy says the "best fried chicken and heavenly gravy" is at the Freedom Store & Restaurant in Glasgow.


So get out there and enjoy some kick-ass fried chicken, and let us know what your favorites are. When it comes to fried chicken in Kentucky, can you really go wrong?

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