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Halloween Candy Chute End Times

By Andrew Allingham |

Spooky season is upon us, and for better or for worse, folks will be trick or treating during a global pandemic. Have fun and be prepared with these safe distancing techniques!

Candy Chutes! Keep those kids off your porch and minimize exposure with a candy chute that slides candy down into their bags from 12 feet away. Here are the top candy chute design ideas for 2020 to get you started:

 candy chute vomiting giraffe

Giraffe Barfing


candy chute vomiting snake

Snake Barfing


candy chute pooping witches broom

Witches Broom Pooping


candy chute zombie arm

Stretch Arm Zombie

No railing to secure a candy chute? No problem! Use a handy dandy candy delivery device that I like to call "candy shoots":


Well Trained Bird

Well Trained Bird


Candy Slingshot

Candy Slingshot


Candy Catapult

Candy Catapult


candy trebuchet

or the superior siege device, the candy trebuchet



Don't want to risk it handing candy out at all? Me neither. I've been mulling over a few ideas though:

Brick Wall Up Your Door

Brick Wall Over Your Front Door


Fumigation Tent

Fumigation Tent


Turn off the lights

Sitting inside with the lights off, pretending you aren't home like a normal person.



We hope you have a fun and covid-19 free Halloween! Need a movie idea? Pop some popcorn and check out these Kentucky Horror Movies that'll keep you up at night. Still in the mood for more horror? Click here for Kentucky haunted places, and shop online for a last minute Halloween Tee! 

kentucky halloween t-shirts
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