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Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln!

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

"I Hope To Have God On My Side, But I Must Have Kentucky" – Abraham Lincoln


Native Son and 16th President Lincoln said these most true words describing how Kentucky Kicks Ass in 1861 with the country on the brink of war. Honest Abe knows what he's talking about- he's got a monument, a fiver, and a dope ass ride all in his honor. Way to go Abe.


Born in what is now known as Hodgenville, Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln is one of the most kick-ass Kentucky originals. A true Kentucky playa. This Friday, February 12th, we wish him a happy birthday and celebrate all that he has contributed to American history.


In honor of President Lincoln's birthday we're bringing this classic print out of retirement for a brand new edition. We'll have a 100 prints available for purchase this Friday at 10:00AM. Designed and silk screened by Tim Jones in Lexington, Kentucky with metallic gold and white ink on navy 12.5″x19″ French Company Paper. Do not hesitate, they won't last long!


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