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Honey, We Shrunk The Fun Mall!

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

Everybody knows the Fun Mall, our 12,000-square-foot retail warehouse on Lexington's Northside. It's all people talk about. They paint pictures of it. They sing songs about it. They love it. They love our kick-ass Kentucky clothes, they love our kick-ass Kentucky home goods, they love our kick-ass Kentucky prints. They can't get enough of it and we want to give them all they can handle. So when the folks behind The Summit at Fritz Farm, the amazing new shopping center on Nicholasville Road, approached us about bringing our brand to the Southside we said HELL YEAH! Why not? Everybody's invited to the Kentucky for Kentucky party!


This place is crazy (in a good way). You can hit up Warby Parker, Bonobos, Shake Shack, and the most deluxe Whole Foods you've ever seen without even breaking a sweat.


In fact, there's so many killer shops at The Summit that we wondered how we were going to stand out. We sat in our big warehouse and used our big brains to think big thoughts. Then we had it, our GREAT BIG IDEA.


Honey, we shrunk the Fun Mall!


We call it the Fun Stall, and it's 450 square feet of cluckin' fun for everyone. Designed by our very own creative powerhouse Erick Moore, it's got everything you love about the Fun Mall in a bite-size package…plus a few surprises.  


Y'ALL shirts? Got 'em. Horse humping socks? Got 'em. State-of-the-art wooden clothes hangers with patented neck hole preservation technology? You know we got 'em!



Just look at what some of Kentucky's most famous celebrities are saying about it…


"I've been sleeping under a pile of sweatshirts at the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Stall for a week now and drawing little birds on the tags. They don't even care. I appreciate that."  –John James Audubon


"The Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Stall is a mother f*#@ing masterpiece towering above a sea of endless filth and crushing the empty skulls of America's demented swine!"  –Hunter S. Thompson


"The Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Stall makes Urban Outfitters look like some sort of skank-ass Tennessee yard sale."  –Keith Whitley


"Aww naw! Hell naw! The Fun Stall up and done it!"  –Mary Todd Lincoln


"The Fun Stall rules / It is cool / Buy a tank top / About Kentucky ass kickin' / Buy a candle / That smells like chicken."  –Jesse Stuart




So come check us out. We're the best/only retailer located in The Barn artisan food hall, an awesome space for a uniquely local experience that's home to fellow Kentucky crushers like Atomic Ramen, Athenian Grill, Smithtown Seafood, and Crank & Boom ice cream. 


We really hope you like it. We can't wait to welcome some new fans into the Kentucky for Kentucky fam!


The Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Stall is located at 119 Marion Street, Suite 140, in Lexington, Ky. Visit for directions and a full directory of shops and restaurants.


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