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By KY for KY Store Admin |

Get out the shakers, strainers, and shot glasses, freeze yourself the freshest of ice, and line up the liquor, because we're giving you a few throw-back recipes to make September a month to remember. 


September 2020 is going to be a big month for bourbon. It's National Bourbon Heritage Month. Parents will be in the thick of Zoom school ::glug glug:: And the 146th Kentucky Derby will run in Louisville on September 5th, with no one in the grand stands. Will the horses even know what to do?

We have a feeling you'll know what to do, so here are 47 suggestions from a 1934 publication by Brown-Forman that circulated the year after the repeal of the 18th Amendment. The frenzy and excitement for bourbon is just as relevant now as it was then!

As Brown-Forman says: BOTTOM'S UP, HERE'S LUCK


Brown Forman book-2Brown Forman book-3Brown Forman book-4Brown Forman book-5Brown Forman book-6Brown Forman book-7Brown Forman book-8Brown Forman book-9Brown Forman book-10Brown Forman book-11Brown Forman book-13Brown Forman book-14Brown Forman book-15Brown Forman book-16Brown Forman book-17Brown Forman book-18Brown Forman book-19Brown Forman book-20Brown Forman book-21Brown Forman book-22Brown Forman book-23





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