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Ice Ice Baby Jesus Nativity Scene

By KY for KY Store Admin |

Alright stop, collaborate and listen.

KY for KY is back with our brand new invention.

Something that will grab a hold of you so tightly that your Instagram will flow with comments daily and nightly...

This year, we're taking Christmas to level 12,000 with the world's first ever “Ice Ice Baby Jesus Nativity Scene.” Yes, you heard us right, folks.

We've hired Lexington Ice Sculptors to bring to life the Savior of the World. Well, at least a frozen, 90’s-inspired version.

“Ice Ice Baby” will be playing loud on repeat for all to hear while Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men, and, of course, Vanilla Ice (or our best attempt to turn a mannequin we found in a storage closet into MC Vanilla) gather 'round to celebrate the newly born (of ice) baby Jesus.

And as if our epic Ice Ice Baby Jesus Nativity Scene on Saturday wasn't enough, we'll also be hosting our annual “Oh Sh*t! I Need A Last Minute Gift” sale all weekend long! (Dec. 21st - 23rd)

Will the fun ever stop, yo? Well, yeah, at some point it has to. Baby Jesus can’t stay frozen forever…

See y’all this weekend!

Where: Kentucky Fun Mall

When: Saturday, December 22nd 10am-8pm



An Ice Ice Baby Tribute by Ky for Ky's Grant Guess. 

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