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Kentucky Children's Eye Chart

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

Welcome back to Kindergarten, friends—Kentucky for Kentucky-style, that is. Which means this school is way cooler than your Kindergarten. In fact, it kicks ass. With the iconography of the Commonwealth in mind, we've had hometown crusher Rachael Sinclair draft a specialty version of a children's eye chart. Complete with the outlines of Kentucky's great symbols—the state itself, goldenrod, a horse head, a (fried) chicken, a bourbon barrel, banjo, My Old Kentucky Home, and jockey silks—this will be the ultimate litmus test to ensure that you've raised a tried and true Kentuckian.

Referencing the LEA symbols test—still used as a means of pediatric eye assessment for very young children—these Kentucky for Kentucky optotypes will make measuring your child's vision fun and patriotic. Alternately, if you've been hitting that bourbon a little too hard this eye chart is a quality means of assessing just how drunk you really are. Kentucky Eye Charts. Good for kids. Good for you. Good for Kentucky.

Designed by Rachael Sinclair and printed by Tim Jones in Lexington, Kentucky on 12 1/2" x 19" French Paper Company Paper, a limited edition signed and numbered run of 50 prints: $20

Photos by Cassie Lopez and words by Hannah Legris

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