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Kentucky Valentine's Day Traditions You Never Knew Existed

By Andrew Allingham |

It's that time of year again, y'all. Although bow season may be over in Kentucky, Cupid is still firing arrows all over the dang place. Be prepared. Make this Valentine's Day one they'll never forget with a few new timeless Kentucky Valentine's Day Traditions you never knew existed.

Chocolate Covered Fried Chicken

1. Chocolate Dipped KFC

Do you love fried chicken? Do you love chocolate covered treats? You're in luck, Chocolate Covered KFC Drumsticks just so happen to be the perfect Valentine's Day surprise! Step one, get fried chicken. Step two, coat in tempered chocolate. Step three, let's cool things down. Step four, plate on your finest china and feel alive for the very first time.

Kentucky Body Hot Brown

2. Kyotaimori: Kentucky Body Hot Brown

The Japanese have that weird body sushi thing, but we can do better. This hot new trend is a treat for lovers and loners alike! Layer yourself or your partner with bread, turkey, bacon, tomatoes, heaping dollops of mornay sauce, and chow down! Make sure the hot brown isn't too hot otherwise you'll get all sweaty, and it'll melt right off. It also might be a good idea to lay down a tarp or something first too. 

Horse Roleplay

3. Horse and Jockey Role Playing

They don't call this the horse capital of the world for nothing! Be sure to take turns. Or I guess y'all could all be a horse. Or everybody can be a jockey. No matter which way, just remember it's not a race and to have a safe word. 

Minguas Brothers Edible Underwear

4. Mingua Brothers Edible Underwear

Mingua Brothers Beef Jerky is a KY staple, and with just a few staples, you can woo your loved one with a fresh pair of edible underwear you'll both be able to enjoy for weeks! Mmm, hot and spicy.

romantic chicken feather trail

5. Romantic Chicken Feather Trail

Rose petals? Pshh, why not use what you already have? Chicken feathers leading to the bedroom adds a sense of mystery that'll really bring those original 11 levels of erotic herbs and spices to your foreplay. Bonus points for leading to a fresh plate of chocolate dipped fried chicken.

Bourbon Basket Ball

6. Bourbon Basket Ball

What's so special about a Bourbon Ball? Once you've had one bourbon ball, you've had them...Oh wait, this one is the size of a basketball and has a handle in it. Don't ball and drive, y'all. Be sure to tip your uber.

K-Y Jam

7. Locally made K-Y Jelly

There are too many wonderful jellies made local right here in Kentucky to list, but give me a hot pepper jelly, and I'm a happy camper. You can also go the fire and ice K-Y Jam route as well. 

8. A Night Out Clogging

Get out your dancing shoes and work off those chocolate covered KFC drumsticks you had earlier. No partner? No problem! You'll find one there, just swipe right.

Lover's Leap Red River Gorge

9. Fall Head Over Heels at Lover's Leap, Red River Gorge. 

JUST KIDDING, DO NOT JUMP OFF OF LOVER'S LEAP. There is a winery though, so plan accordingly.

Night time spelunking Mammoth Cave

10. Romantic Twilight Spelunking at Mammoth Cave

What could be more romantic than exploring the longest cave system in the world with the one you love? It's dark and steamy, your heart starts racing, the walls are closing in, it's getting hard to breathe. Is it claustrophobia, or is it love ;-)? Just watch out for these guys...

Climax Water Bubblebath

11. Climax Bubble Bath

Valentine's Day can be stressful, so sometimes you just need to relax. Light a few scented candles, put on some slow jams, unscrew 30 to 40 bottles of water, and simmer in the suds of a crisp, clean Climax Springs Water bubble bath. You've earned this.

Sexy Kentucky Cities T-Shirt

12. Getting your loved one something from Kentucky for Kentucky

How convenient, you're already here! We've got something for you and your boo too. Come on over and check out our Valentine's Day Gear.  

Love Y'all Collection

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