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What do Kentuckians Want to Know How to Do More Than Any Other State?

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

What do Kentuckians REALLY want to know how to do?


Estately, a national real estate search site and app, recently ran a bazillion Google searches and crunched the numbers to find out what each state wants to know how to do more than any other, and the results are epic. Kentucky, of course, represents in the most spectacularly bizarre ways.

How to talk dirty? tops the list of "how to" Google searches for Kentucky, followed in short order by:

How to grow a beard?
How to quit smoking?
How to be a cop?
How to make a baby?
How to get a dog?
How to hunt?
How to get down?
How to make dumplings?
How to pass a drug test? (tie w/ Tennessee)

We love all you dirty-talking, baby-making, dog-loving, beard-growing weirdos so much! Y'all are awesome.


We may not want to be ninjas like Hawaii, but at least we love our state (here's looking at you, Florida), know what we believe in (um, Texas, should we talk?) and mostly get along reasonably well (what the hell, Delaware?!?)

Check out the full list of results for each state here.

And be sure to visit the online shop or come by the Fun Mall for kick-ass Kentucky gear! We can't help you make a baby, but we sure can help you get down with your bad Kentucky self. The Hern can even offer expert advice on growing a truly glorious beard. Ask nice and we might even make you dumplings.


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