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Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

Taste what hemp can do for you during the Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off this Saturday in Lexington.

If you're under the impression that hemp-based foods are all of the crunchy, macrobiotic variety — or will make you fail a drug test — prepare to be pleasantly surprised when you taste the variety of food and beverages offered during the inaugural Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, August 27th, in the Fifth Third Pavilion at Cheapside Park in downtown Lexington, Kentucky.

"Most people find hemp seeds are pretty tasty," says Chad Rosen, founder and CEO of Victory Hemp Foods, which is providing most of the hemp seed, hemp flour and hemp oil used for the Cook-Off. "Hemp had a flavor profile close to black walnuts or sunflower seeds. The oil is like a strong seed flavor and delicious when blended with balsamic glaze or lemon juice for a nice salad."


Participants can sample a variety of tasty, hemp-infused foods made by local Kentucky restaurants during the family-friendly event, and then cast their vote for Best in Show, Most Unique and Best Kids' Menu Item.


Hemp Cook-Off3


Participating restaurants include The Press, Goodfellas Pizzeria, The Village Idiot, Noodle Nirvana, Sav's Chill and Whole Foods. Sponsors include Atalo Holdings, Bluegrass Farm-to-Table, Lexington Farmers Market and Think Hempy Thoughts.


There's a suggested, tax-deductible donation of $10 at registration, either online or at the event. Proceeds benefit the Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation, a non-profit organization founded to advance the industrial hemp industry through fundamental research and market development.


Victory Hemp Foods, based in Northern Kentucky, works with seven farmers in four Kentucky counties to source all of its Hemp Oil, Hemp Protein and Hemp Flour. It currently imports its hemp hearts from Colorado and Canada, as Kentucky lacks a key piece of equipment necessary to separate the shell from the soft germ, or heart, inside the seed.


That could change soon, however. KHRF and local hemp growers plan to launch a crowd-funding campaign in April 2017 to purchase a cooperatively owned, dual-purpose hemp harvester for use within a 100-mile radius of Eastern Kentucky. M&M Welding and Fabricators in Hippo, Kentucky will build the harvester.


And about the drug test myth? Turns out that old Seinfeld episode had a kernel of truth in it.


"They'd be more likely to fail a drug test by eating a poppy seed bagel than they would from eating their body weight in hemp foods," Rosen says.


What: Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off

When: 4 p.m.–6 p.m. August 27

Where: Fifth Third Pavilion at Cheapside Park, Lexington, Kentucky

Info: Information and advance registration available here

Hemp Cook-Off1

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