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Open Up and Say Hell Yea Kentucky!

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

Sometimes the best ideas come to us after popping the top off a frothy brew. Ideas like, "Hey the shape of Kentucky looks like it would make the ultimate bottle opener!" With this eureka moment, the Kentucky for Kentucky team set out to make the world's very first Kentucky-shaped and 100% Kentucky-made bottle opener that fits on your key ring. Open up and say "Hell Yeah!" Kentucky, because this trusty tool won't be leaving your side any time soon.

Honestly though, we can trace our lust for popping tops in the name of the Commonwealth all the way back to our Kentucky forefathers. These great trail blazers, emancipators, movers & shakers did more than just fight for our right to party as a unified land. They saw the beauty in every swerve n' curve of our state's majestic outline, and saw fit (through divine providence) that this heavenly shape would make the most ergonomically sound bottle opener known to mankind. This insight was discovered by modern day historian, and the near ancient manuscripts containing detailed depictions of bottle busting mayhem were placed in our "trusty" hands. Thus, the magical opener was born…

Around the same time as our historical discoveries, we started falling IN LOVE with vintage bottle openers. These well-crafted KY knick-knacks made our every pore ooze with bottled-up creative juices. The need became so strong, that we just had to bring the one, true opener to life.We had to hear the people cry out "Hell Yeah!", as they were sippin' on somethin' sweet.

Made from durable stainless steel, our bottle opener is the result of many Kentucky collaborations. To make this godly creation, we trekked through the fine blue grasses of design, engraving, and manufacturing. First off, we teamed up with our go-to guru of Kentucky Inventions Brian Turner (of Cricket Press fame) to churn out the dapper design. Next, we sent it off to the good folks out at Kleencut Technologies in Western Kentucky to punch out the shape of Kentucky, with the perfect nook to make your top pop. Finally, they were off to the dashing Chris Early at EHO Laser Engraving in Bowling Green, KY to get their badass insignia etched in by some hi-tech laser love. Now that the journey is complete, we are so proud to present to you fine folks the most Kentucky-centric bottle opener out there.

Open up your next Ale-8, Gents Ginger Ale or Kentucky craft beer with our trusty bottle opener and say Hell Yeah- after all, you deserve it.. Available on Wednesday the 26th at 10:00AM on our website. $12

Words by Joshua Kingsland and June Tate

Photos by Cassie Lopez

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