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Politics Scented Candle

By Andrew Allingham |

Ahh, politics. United, divisive, and smells like the same old shit. Burn it down and start over with a revolutionary new scented candle! 

Featuring a subtle bouquet of profits over peoplenothing ever changes, well whaddabout, also guns are actually people, and if you don't like it maybe you should move to Canada!  between layers of actual real deal dehydrated horse shit. 

Politics Scented Candle

Perfect for family gatherings, bathroom potpourri displays, comment sections, séances, and unprompted conversations in line at the convenience store. Created by candle connoisseur Kathy Werking with label design by Erick Moore.

These limited edition soy wax wonders will be available just in time for primary season right here on

Politics Candle

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