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Re-Meet (the First, the Original, the Real) Cocaine Bear

By KY for KY Store Admin |

Since Kentucky for Kentucky named and christened Cocaine Bear the official Kentucky mascot in 2015, Cocaine Bear has been melting hearts worldwide. Never before has a character so captivated such a broad demographic of people. His allure is universal. His renegade spirit resonates.

No wonder his story is the all-time most popular post on the Kentucky for Kentucky website, and our line of Cocaine Bear-inspired merchandise continues to be a top seller.

A no-brainer that countless blogs, newspapers, TV news stations, and YouTube channels would want a piece of the action.

Of course, he'd land on the front page of Reddit multiple times in just a couple of years (Like this time and this time and this time and this time), earning over 150,000 combined upvotes. 

It makes perfect sense that, when renowned podcast My Favorite Murder produced an animated short based on our stuffed buddy, comedian, and voice actor Patton Oswalt tweeted, "Oh my God I want to do the voice of Cocaine Bear".

And now, just eight years since KYforKY introduced him to the public, Cocaine Bear is making his feature film debut in a major motion picture. Come by the Fun Mall and experience this homegrown legend for yourself!


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