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Relax and Play in Mid-USA

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

Some people collect teacups, some people collect stamps, but here at Kentucky for Kentucky, we love any item that shines a bright light on Kentucky's awesomeness. And it turns out one of the best ways to look for these goodies, these emblems of our rich kick-ass heritage, is to take a step back into the past.

And that's why we've rounded up a treasure trove of Kentucky memorabilia to feast your eyes upon. Here's a sampling of the objects that excite us at Kentucky for Kentucky, the vintage inspirations that make our prints and apparel crush so hard.  We've always looked to Kentucky's epic past in order to get pumped for the future, and now you get a special sneak peak into our archives, too.

Whether it's a map, a deck of playing cards, or a set of salt and pepper shakers, it seems Kentucky pretty much looks good on anything. Digging through these souvenirs, we uncovered a bit more of what makes this state so unique.

Rest assured, Kentucky has been kick-ass for quite a long time.

Words by Hannah Legris and photos by Stanley Sievers

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