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Soft Drinks Made the Hard Way

By Jason Majewski |

Try handcrafted, all-natural Gents Original cocktail syrups, now available in the KY for KY store.

For the thirsty and curious, it doesn't get much better than Kentucky. Whether it's bourbon and the many inventive ways we've found to dress it up in a cocktail, or in the form of milder concoctions, our favorite beverages are equal parts tradition, art form and refreshment.


Kick-Ass Kentuckian Tim Jones has a tasty new entry to the mix—handcrafted Gents Original Ginger Ale and cocktail syrups.


Photo by Magnus Lindqvist

You might know Tim as the man behind many of your favorite Kentucky for Kentucky designs. He designed KY for KY's first t-shirts and prints, plus many of our most popular shop items over the years. You could say that Tim is the ultimate OG KY for KY designer, and just flat out one of the Commonwealth's most talented creatives.


Over the past year or so, along with his wife, Jessica, Tim has been pouring his passion and creative efforts into a new endeavor: craft sodas and cocktail syrups under the moniker Gents Original. You might have already had the pleasure of trying one of Tim's creations at a Bluegrass-area event or seen it at Kentucky retailers, bars and restaurants as of late. If you haven't, chances are you'll soon hear someone raving about it.


"My wife and I really enjoy a good craft beer, cocktail or bourbon," Tim says. "I was looking for a local craft soda that pairs well with bourbon, in particular, but soon realized that my options were pretty slim. So I started making my own."


Experimenting with flavors at home, Tim arrived at a ginger ale recipe he found unique, refreshing and worth sharing with family and friends. Before long, he knew he had a business and new creative outlet on his hands.


Photo by Grant Aumiller

Inspired by the tradition, craftsmanship and care that goes into bourbon making, Gents is all about doing things the right way, even if it takes a little more time and effort.


"People can tell we make our sodas and syrups from raw ingredients, and they appreciate that," Tim says. "You can taste the cane sugar, fresh ginger and lemons. We don't add any artificial flavors, aromas or preservatives. Everything is the way it should be."


Tim has also made a point of incorporating a signature Kentucky element into many of his products, whether it's "oaking" Gents' flagship Ginger Ale with Appalachian Oak (a la bourbon), or crafting a Mint Julep cocktail syrup made with local Kentucky honey.


Photo by Magnus Lindqvist

Tim says he's seen an overwhelmingly positive response to Gents. Putting in long hours, crafting his sodas by hand and hitting the streets to share his concoctions with thirsty Kentuckians, he's slowly but surely been building a cult following in and around his home of Lexington.


"I love the creative process, whether it's putting images, illustrations and type together in a design project or experimenting with raw ingredients to make new flavor profiles in a drink," Tim says. "It comes down to the simple fact that I really enjoy making unique things that I've never had myself and that other people will appreciate, as well."


While the attention and quick growth of Gents is exciting, Tim and Jessica take the most pleasure in savoring the fruits of their work.


"At the end of the day, I get to have a cold drink that I made myself, and that's pretty cool," Tim says.


Adds wife and partner-in-crime, Jessica: "We also really enjoy getting out there and being a part of the local community. We've made so many new friends."


Taste for yourself! Order your supply of Gents Original cocktail syrups here.




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