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The Kentucky Bucket List by Michael Crisp

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

So we all know Kentucky is an amazing state, but do you ever wonder exactly how to convey that to out of town guests? Or are you yearning to hop in the car and explore the hidden gems outside your own city? Let "The Kentucky Bucket List" guide you on your journey. This small book will act as your guide through the wonders of the Commonwealth, listing 100 things to do here and where to do them. Written by local author Michael Crisp, this book is a perfect companion for those who love to explore and try new things. Crisp's suggestions of things to do in Kentucky range from the classic "take a cruise on the Belle of Louisville" to the obscure "drive past the Mother Goose House at night" in Hazard. Flip through this book and see how many items on the bucket list you've done, and how many more you never knew even knew about!


Purely fun, witty, and entertaining, "The Kentucky Bucket List" is the ultimate proof that Kentucky does indeed kick ass.

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