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The Ky for Ky Drunk Shopping Network

By KY for KY Store Admin |

Last spring, an article about the $45 billion drunk shopping industry went viral. The article included a few key findings: 1) 79% of alcohol consumers have made at least one drunk purchase 2) $444 is the average annual spend per drunk shopper, and 3) clothing and shoes are the most common drunk purchase. It also turns out that Kentuckians spend more annually drunk shopping than any other state. They top the charts with a $742 annual spend. Hell yeah!

With all of that said, we're excited to announce the Ky for Ky Drunk Shopping Network– a fun Holiday-themed, 28-minute, QVC-style show dedicated to those Kentuckians that love to shop for rad Kentucky gear while completely hammered. We're even airing it on late night television to catch all of those drunkards looking to shop. The show premiered locally in Lexington on WKYT this past Sunday evening at 2:05am. 

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