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Trending Secret Derby Wager Menu Hacks

By Andrew Allingham |

Another year of horse racing is in full swing here in Kentucky. Basic wagers are all fine and dandy...if you're a square. It's a new year to be the new you, try out one of these truly exotic derby secret wager menu hacks!

Now, it may take a few tellers before you'll find one hip to these new wagers, but I hear they're quite the trend on tiktok. So stop eating tide pods, or deviously licking stuff in the bathroom, it's Derby time! 

Look Ma No Hands Wager

Look Ma, No Hands: Horse racing in its purest form! If your horse throws its jockey and finishes first, you win big! 

the mr ed wager

The Mr. Ed: Your chosen horse learned to speak in its downtime and gives an emotional speech in the winner's circle. This one pays out double if it brings a tear to the jockey's eye. 

Hat Trick Wager

Hat Trick: A racehorse steals a fancy derby hat or fascinator from the crowd and finishes the race with it. However, if the hat owner is able to snatch their hat back before the end of the race, you lose.

Airbud Wager

Airbud: Despite the many objections from out of touch owners, and ornery trainers, there is no rule that says a dog can't be a jockey. Everyone cheers and the dog is unanimously elected mayor of an unincorporated town. 

Animal Style Wager

Animal Style: An animal other than a horse or Airbud wins the race. Odds will depend on the animal type. For instance, turtles pay out big, but sure do take their time. You'd think Cheetahs would be a safe pick, but they have a tendency to get disqualified for eating horses, so choose wisely.

One with everything on it Wager

One With Everything On It: Foolproof your wagering with a first place bet for every horse! Salvage your weekend of losses with a win and guaranteed bragging rights with all of your friends. They'll never need to know you also lost many times over. 

DoubleDouble Wager

Double-double: Basketball fans will recognize this one! A wager that a horse reaches double figures in two different statistics (usually points and rebounds, or points and assists, but if your horse is tall, then blocks may come into play).

Mega-horse wager

Mega-horse: A wager that at least 2 horses are stacked on top of another horse to form some sort of mega-horse. 3 horses make a threesome, while 4 horses form an apocalypse, but a stack of 5 horses has never been observed in nature, so I wouldn't bet on it. 

Look Ma No Hands Wager

Collective Bargaining: All horses go on strike until they're guaranteed safe working conditions and a living wage. I mean, not even an Amazon warehouse would put you down if you broke your leg at work. That seems like a hell of wrongful death lawsuit at the very least. 

two kids in a trenchcoat Wager

Two Kids In A Trench Coat: Ah, what a classic gag! A wager that two people dress in a horse costume, fooling the race officials and other horses, win the race, then reveal their true identity once they reach the winner's circle. Works every time. 

We hope you have fun betting on the Derby! As always, don't wager more than you're willing to lose, please drink responsibly, and be sure to tip your Uber. Need last minute Derby gear? Check out our Horsey Gear Collection!

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