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Kentucky Shaped Bottle Openers!

By Andrew Allingham |

Kentucky Shaped Bottle Openers!

Open your cold ones in style with a new State Issued Kentucky Shape Bottle Opener! Made from heavy duty super smooth, rounded steel. Features:Kentucky ShapeOpens bottlesHeavy duty steelSmooth and rounded edgesFeels good in your hand,Pocket size, Keychain keyring,Fits in a purse, or wear it like a necklace or an earring for easy access to repeated bottle top poppin'.     

My Old Kentucky Hotline

By Adam Lewis |

My Old Kentucky Hotline
Being homesick does not kick-ass and we know this can be especially tough as we get closer to the holidays. That’s why we’ve made something special for all of our homesick sisters and brothers living out of state. Taking inspiration from the phone sex/group chat phone lines popular in the 1980s and 1990s, we’ve created this sexy video and a special 1800# to give y’all a little taste of your old Kentucky home...