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2020 Scented Candles!

By KY for KY Store Admin |

Ahh 2020, what a crappy year it's been! Remember the Australian wildfires? That was just the beginning! Relive this unforgettable year with your very own commemorative 2020 scented candle!

Made with 100% real dehydrated bull shit, our 2020 Candle features notes of mask breath, some serious tension at Thanksgiving dinner, those pj pants you wore to "work" everyday this week, olympians' tears, and the dusty closet you turned into your office. 


2020 Scented Candle


Perfect for your secret santa, bathroom potpourri displays, zoom meetings, and for folks that need a reminder to wear a mask. Created by candle connoisseur Kathy Werking with label design by Erick Moore.

These limited edition soy wax wonders will are now available right here on


2020 Candle


Also available in politics scent!

2020 Candle


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