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47 Reasons Why Kentucky Kicks Ass

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

It's back, y'all! We're releasing a new limited-edition run of our "47 Reasons Why Kentucky Kicks Ass" prints at 10 a.m. this Friday, June 10, in the online shop and at the Fun Mall, 720 Bryan Ave. in Lexington.


There are at least 17 billion reasons why Kentucky kicks ass. Awhile back, we commissioned Kentucky graphic artist David Wischer to create an epic art print containing all 17 billion reasons — quite the challenge considering the print itself measures only 19″ x 25″. David tried and tried, and in the end distilled his vision down to the 47 icons represented in this thoroughly kick-ass print.




So what are the 47 reasons, you ask? Good question. Using the numbered key above, David chose to include: 1. Clooney/Depp 2. Jennifer Lawrence/Oscar 3. Bluegrass Music 4. Basketball 5. Derby 6. "Happy Birthday To You" 7. Forecastle Festival 8. Hunter S. Thompson 9. NCAA Championships 10. Colonel Sanders/KFC 11. Albino Squirrels 12. Snake Handlers 13. Peace Bell 14. The Walking Dead 15. Loretta Lynn 16. Rabbit Hash/Dog Mayor 17. Disco Ball 18. Turtle Man 19. Horses 20. Diane Sawyer 21. Corvettes 22. Louisville Sluggers 23. Enamel Bathtub 24. Mammoth Cave 25. Creation Museum 26. Fruit of the Loom 27. Derby Pie 28. Audubon Park 29. Abe Lincoln 30. Henry Earl 31. Bourbon 32. JIF 33. High Fives 34. Cheeseburgers 35. Muhammed Ali 36. Donut Trail 37. Mint Julep 38. Fort Knox 39. Big Bone Lick 40. Florence Water Tower 41. Gangsters/Tommy Gun 42. Ale-8-One 43. Air Kentucky (Life Aquatic) 44. Moonbow 45. Daniel Boone 46. Blue People 47. Mark Spitz's swimsuit


Each 19″ x 25″ print is hand-printed by the artist using a three-screen, silkscreen process on white, 100-pound French brand paper. David Wischer's work has been included in many national and international exhibitions, and is in many private and public collections. Born in Henderson, Kentucky, Wischer earned his B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Northern Kentucky University and a M.F.A. in Printmaking from Purdue University. He's currently a lecturer in studio art at University of Kentucky.


Grab your "47 Reasons Why Kentucky Kicks Ass" print beginning at 10 a.m. this Friday, June 10, in the shop!


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