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Kentucky Creatures

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest trend in Kentucky related stuffed toys is here! We proudly present to you- The Kentucky Creatures! Deep down in the endless maze of Mammoth Cave there exists a creature so unique it can only come from Kentucky. Hidden within the Commonwealth for so long, these Creatures not only evolved into the shape of Kentucky, but also developed an insatiable thirst for Kentucky spirits and culture.

Each Kentucky Creature is handmade out of recycled sweaters by artist Heidi Wineland in Grayson, KY. Although no two Creatures are alike, each and every one is guaranteed to be soft and cuddly. Only 25 Kentucky Creatures will be available this Friday August 28th at 10am on our website.  

Get to know your Kentucky Creature.

Pet them daily.

Listen to their hopes and dreams.

Sing them to sleep with "My Old Kentucky Home."

Do not feed them after midnight.

Do not burden them with shirts with sleeves.

Product details: You can't pick your Kentucky Creature, because your Kentucky Creature chooses you. Made out of recycled sweaters, generally measuring 4 x 10 x 2″ . Made in Grayson, Kentucky by Heidi Wineland. Hangtags by Rachael Sinclair. 

Words by Andrew Allingham, Photos by Savanna Barnett

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