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By Kentucky For Kentucky |

As we sit back and sip a small-batch of fine Kentucky bourbon, and let a sweet, subtle purple haze make it's way into our mind's eye- we can't help but to get a little "clarity" on the state of things. Sometimes, it takes nothing more than a simple sip & smoke to remind us that- you can't truly know where you're going, until you take a long, hard look at where you've been.

A couple years back, we tapped into the brainwaves of the whole world with the intoxicating message of a holy Commonwealth that reigns supreme. We know you felt it.The pulse is strong, and the message is simple- Kentucky Kicks Ass.

Kentuckians have been influencing and creating ​universal culture ​since the beginning of time. We were the first to​​ sing ​"​Happy Birthday​"​, fry chicken​ ​and slap high-fives. We invented bourbon, ​Bluegrass music,​ horses​ and​ not to mention​ the Kentucky Derby. We made cool cooler by birthing Clooney, Depp,and Hunter S. Thompson. We raised ​many a strong KY ​woman with ​tales to tell​. ​​Women like Loretta Lynn, Jennifer Lawrence, all the Judds, and Diane Sawyer. We redefined sport​s entertainment​ with Ali, Sea Biscuit, and Rondo. We invented the gas mask, people​…and we'd do it again.

This week, we're ​stoked to launch some ​killer 'Kentucky Kicks Ass' flags. Kick-ass flags for proud​ kick-ass​ Kentuckians. Flags that let the world know​ who we are and what we do. Celebrate Kentucky's kick-assery with a big ol' Kentucky Kicks Ass' flag. Hell yeah.

100 flags​ will be​ available this Friday at 10:00am. ​These babies are made in the USA, and showcase double-sided "Kentucky Kicks Ass" logo detail. Flags are crafted from a durable poly-blend and measure 3′ x 5′, $48. They're to be flown with pride.

Perfect for: Proud Kentuckians, Old Kentucky Homes, Boats, Recreational Vehicles, ATV's, Businesses, Offices, Campsites, Festivals, Events, Boarders, ​Lovers & beyond. ​

Words by Joshua Kingsland. Video and photographs by Stanley Sievers.

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