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8 Obscure Kentucky Laws You Might Be Breaking

By KY for KY Store Admin |

Have you been living on the wrong side of the law and didn't know it? Check out this collection of obscure Kentucky laws to find out.

Many of us know not to carry an ice-cream cone in our pockets when in Lexington or Louisville, but there are many other obscure statutes still on the books in Kentucky that can trip up us.

Several of these statutes have been in place since the 1800s. Some might leave you scratching your head in bewilderment but, they all went into law for one reason or another.

From the sensible to the strange, here are some more obscure Kentucky laws you might not know about.

Oh, and about that whole ice-cream cone in the pocket thing? The reason was to close a potential loophole related to horse theft. If a horse followed you trying to get at the cone, it couldn't be considered "theft" if the horse happened to follow you all the way home.

1. Hats off to the ladies

Women are not allowed to purchase a new hat without the authorization of their husband according, to KRS 252.130 in Owensboro. This law went into effect in 1922, but probably hasn't been enforced for decades — if ever.


2. It's illegal to have sex on a parked motorcycle in London, Kentucky

The obvious way to not get caught breaking this law is to do so in the privacy of one's own garage. Ironically, the law does not forbid sex on a moving motorcycle. At least wear a helmet for protection.


3. It's illegal to toss dirty wash water into the street

This is another late 1800s or early 1900s law that makes perfect sense. Back in those days, drainage and sanitation wasn't what it is now and the consistent tossing of foul water into public streets could result in serious health hazards.


4. No religious reptiles as of 1942

According to KRS 437.060, handling, displaying or using any breed of reptile in a religious ceremony, service or gathering is an illegal action. Religious-based reptile whisperers could be fined $50 minimum and $100 maximum if caught. However, if a congregation member is injured by a reptile, those numbers and charges can quickly increase.



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5. No hunting from a moving vehicle

Residents and visitors cannot hunt from a moving vehicle in Kentucky, be it helicopter, car, truck or all-terrain vehicle. The only animal that's exempt from this law in our state is a whale. One can only assume this clause was written in jest, unless of course something lurks in our rivers and lakes that we don't know about. Given the size of some of Kentucky's fish, it's not entirely unreasonable.


6. Throwing eggs or tomatoes at a public speaker is a big no-no

This may seem like common sense, but it was apparently set into law in the late 1800s. The penalty for assaulting a public speaker was up to a year in jail. In modern times, it is likely the penalty could be far worse.


7. Dogs should not molest cars

Fort Thomas, Kentucky, doesn't just expect people to abide by its laws, animals can be held accountable, too. For example it's illegal for a dog to molest a car in town. So keep those pups in check and away from any four-wheeled temptations.


8. Women in bikinis must be accompanied by an officer or escort

According to KRS 436.140, this law states that women cannot walk down Kentucky highways while wearing a bikini if they're between 90 and 199 pounds, that is unless an officer or another official is guarding them. This makes sense when observed under the guise of safety, but causes one to wonder what prompted the law in the first place. The statute carries a fine of $1 to $25 if enforced.


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