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By KY for KY Store Admin |

We're gearing up for the University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team's home game against Yale on December 10, 2022, at 1 PM ET. We know, it's not a super even match up. The Kentucky team defeated Yale 79-58 sixty-one years ago and Kentucky is prepared to breeze through the game this December. But, this head-to-head is remarkable because:

  1. This is only the 2nd time in history the teams have played each other
  2. Kentucky for Kentucky has the perfect thing to troll Yale
Y'all Not Yale

When we launched our now-famous Y’ALL sweatshirt, a parody of the classic Yale crewneck, in October of 2013, with the caption, “Yale doesn’t like people that say Y’all. We showed them,” it sold out within minutes and remains our best-selling product, finding its way into the hands of celebrities and influencers. Why?

Y'ALL is inclusive. Yale is exclusive.
Y'ALL is free. Yale is expensive.
Y'ALL is a Kentucky thing. Yale is not a Kentucky thing.

We have a line of KENTUCKY Y'ALL Gear just for the for the Kentucky vs Yale match up. This is our chance to show Yale what Y'ALL is all about with a good old fashioned KENTUCKY Y'ALL out!

Kentucky Y'all Products 

Don't miss us on Jumbotron at the game, too! We're supplying the student section with KENTUCKY Y'ALL banners to champion our team while distracting Yale players. If you're coming to the game at Rupp Arena, walk on up to our spot in the concourse... we'll have a whole sticker for ya' and you can check out all our wares!

Kentucky Y'all Banners



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