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Pablo Escobear Now Pronounces You… Bear-y Married!

By KY for KY Store Admin |

Cocaine Bear set to perform first wedding!

Kentucky for Kentucky’s Cocaine Bear is set to perform a wedding ceremony on Monday March 27, 2023 at the KY for KY Fun Mall! Hearts are racing, and this time it’s not just because of all the powder. There’s only one thing Pablo Escobear loves more than a duffle bag full of cocaine, and that’s folks finding true love.

This will be the first wedding Cocaine Bear has presided over since Kentucky for Kentucky. Co-Founder, Griffin VanMeter, was quoted in a recent article by Roadside America saying, “As long as you feel that the person marrying you—like Cocaine Bear—has the authority, then that marriage can be binding here in Kentucky.” 

Although several to-be-weds have inquired about this as a possibility for their union, one Kentucky couple took this seriously, have set a date, and are ready to roll. The couple welcomes the media, Cocaine Bear lovers, and anyone else who wants to join to support the marriage. Guests are asked to dress in their bear-y best and help celebrate the couple-to-be, while also bear-ing witness to history in the making as Cocaine Bear’s legendary tale continues!

“We’re so excited this couple has decided to be married by Cocaine Bear. We’re getting the chapel prepared with flowers and glowing hearts. Cocaine Bear can’t wait!” — Adam Lewis, KY for KY Retail Manager

The wedding festivities are set to take place at the official home of Cocaine Bear, the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall, located at 720 Bryan Ave in Lexington, KY, where the bear has been a tourist attraction since 2015. The ceremony is Monday, March 27, 2023 at 12 PM ET and is open to the public.
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