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By Kentucky For Kentucky |

The mission of Kentucky for Kentucky is to engage and inform the world by promoting Kentucky people, places, and products. Last November we added scents to that mission statement by introducing a line of candles called 'Scents of The Commonwealth'. You might remember the 'Fried Chicken' candles – the hottest holiday gift of 2013. We're excited to announce that starting this Friday, we're back in the business of promoting Kentucky's finest scents. That's right, say hello to 'Scents Of The Commonwealth' Part Two.

Kathy Werking, one of the Commonwealth's most prolific movers and shakers, has brought a little something extra to the table. When we learned that Kathy was ready light one up for the Bluegrass, we commissioned her to do a special lineup of candles just for us.  So, she got to work at Kentucky Green Studio and remixed the perfect blend of your favorite scents of the Commonwealth.

Once again, we've paired her project up with Rachael Sinclair, who designed hand-drawn labels that illustrate the sweetest sides of Kentucky's main attractions. And who doesn't want to illuminate a room with the nostalgic scents of Bluegrass, Cannabis, Fried Chicken, Mint Julep, Thoroughbred & Trailer Park? This creative collaboration sparked some heavenly aromas that will easily sweep you away to an Old Kentucky home away from home. We feel blessed, y'all.

*A limited number of these kick-ass candles go on sale this Friday April 18th at 10:00am on our website.

Trailer Park

Is that a trailer park in your pants, or are you just happy to see us? Either way, nothing says sultry summer lovin' like the bad ass bungalows of the Bluegrass. Here in Kentucky, we proudly claim the existence of more trailer parks than there are Starbucks…in the whole wide world. Don't believe us? Well, just check out the beautiful bulges left all of the map of our great state by these millions of movin' & shakin' mobile living communities. We're so crazy in love with bronzed AquaNet bikini beauties, sun-soaked vinyl siding, beer baths & baby makin' that we've captured this hot country essence in a one-of-a-kind candle experience.

Cannabis (One Of Kentucky's Finest Inventions)

Here at Kentucky for Kentucky, we're aching to give you what you need- TLC through THC. Join us, as we guide you on one of the dankest of all sensory experiences. Think of it as Purple Haze in the Bluegrass, and sit back as we chronicle the life and high times of that wacky backy. Cannabis, one of Kentucky's finest cash crops was first sewn on our fine southern soil, so it's only right that we capture the essence of our God given aroma in the most epic of all candles. This magic carpet ride is infused with the spirit of the cannabis flower in it's purest form, so take a hit. Remember- don't be a buzz kill, and doobie ready to burn one down for the Commonwealth.

Fried Chicken

Featured on Christmas lists the world over, the Fried Chicken Candle ruffled feathers and spiced up gift giving to epic proportions. These soy wax candles are fried up in a cast iron skillet with real chicken and top secret seasonings by Kick-Ass Kentuckian Kathy Werking.

Do you need something to set your open house apart from the others? Overpower the freshly baked cookies with a fried chicken candle. Want to make your romantic dinner for two a night to remember? Forget the flowers, fried chicken scented candle. Need to cover the smell of your vegan roommate's cooking? Try a non-vegetarian fried chicken candle. Don't know what to name your second child? First, middle, last, Fried Chicken Candle.

Due to the very real nature of our chicken scent, we cannot provide oil for your new perfume line. However, we can provide you and your family with a belly rumbling, finger licking, Kentucky scented candle experience that'll leave you wondering if that floating object in your scented candle really is fried chicken? It is.

*To craft the perfect xtra crispy aroma, Kathy picks up her cast iron skillet, adds a little seasoning, and gets to work.  To make these candles, she fries chicken in all-natural soy wax and adds an infusion of family secrets.

Mint Julep

A cease and desist shut down our candle prematurely over the holiday season, but it wouldn't be right to leave this Kentucky institution out from our relaunch of the Scents of the Commonwealth. We've revamped the image to bring the Mint Julep scented candle back to your horse racing festivities. Made with all natural ingredients, these soy wax candles serve up a cocktail of fresh mint and real vanilla-bourbon that will warm your heart and put a little pep in your Kentucky two-step. Guaranteed to pay off more than your torn up superfecta box, the Mint Julep candle will leave you wanting a second round. Cheers!


In Kentucky, we invented the horse.

Well, truth is – way back in 1792, we lassoed the Thoroughbred from the wild with a handspun hemp rope, tossed him in a rustic stable, and got to work taming that beast.  After years of hard labor, we laid aside our Barbour jackets and riding crops and raised a mint julep – Cheers to the Commonwealth! Our prize animal now raced in the fields, ready to define our future, make us some mad cash, sire some winners, and then retire in style. When all was said and done, we'd turned him into a refined animal, draped him in silks, crafted him a custom bridle, and put a hand-hewn bit in his mouth. We ran him hard, gave him a garland of roses, and called him a champion.

But let's be honest, Kentucky, we never really took the wild out of that horse – and the essence we've captured here with our 'Scents of Kentucky' line says it all. Just like our racehorse himself, the Thoroughbred candle is a complex creature. When you light this one up, you'll smell undertones of leather, musk, earth, sweat, grit, and power. Pure Kentucky.


Feeling majestic, Kentucky? Think summertime golden days, laundry on the line, freshly cut grass, and a tall glass of ice tea and bourbon on the screened-in porch. The horses are galloping in the fields, the wildflowers have sprung, and you can hear the creek rolling in the background.  You've got some time on your hands and you're ready to unwind. Look out over those hills, take a deep breath, and let the fertile richness of the Commonwealth wash over you, friends, because we've created a scent that is oh-so-sensual and ready to transport you to simpler times.  So get over here, set a spell, bring out that guitar, grab your banjo, put your fiddle under your chin, and enjoy your heritage with us, Kentucky. Our 'Scents of the Commonwealth' line keeps it low and slow, the Bluegrass scent burning down like oh-so-many long summer evenings.

Words by Joshua Kingsland, Hannah LeGris, and Andrew Allingham. Photos by Stanley Sievers

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