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The World’s Most Epic Kentucky Fried Derby Hat

By Kentucky for Kentucky |

In celebration of the 'oldest continuously running sports event in the nation,' we've created a Kentucky Derby hat to top all others. And it can be yours.

It's almost Kentucky Derby time y'all, so we decided to create the most epic Kentucky Derby hat the world has ever seen.

A hat so epic that whoever wears it will be the talk of Churchill Downs, or whatever Derby party he or she chooses to attend. Because trust us, with this hat, the lucky owner will get invites to them ALL.

But where to begin? Organza and gauze will simply not cut it when your goal is to craft a truly head-turning chapeau.

We needed something grander. More singular. A fascinator that's truly fascinating.

Then, inspiration struck.

"My vision started as a nightmare, actually," says designer Erick Moore, a.k.a. The Hern. "There were chickens. Chickens everywhere. I thought one was trying to hatch my head."

While lesser men might have stayed home to roost, Erick knew what he had to do.

My vision started as a nightmare.

He would create a Kentucky Fried Derby Hat. Not just any Kentucky Fried Derby Hat, but the biggest and the baddest anyone had ever seen!

That's when he met Richard.

As soon as Erick found this Kentucky-bred, taxidermied bird, he knew he'd found the showpiece to build his hat around.

Next stop, KFC.

Because, for better or worse, the Colonel's chicken is Kentucky's best-known export worldwide (ok, maybe next to George Clooney).

And that's when the entire Kentucky for Kentucky staff got involved.

"We need the biggest bucket you've got!" we said.

"No, bigger!" "More buckets!" "Go back to KFC!"

Did you know that KFC won't just sell you buckets and you actually have to buy the chicken?

Five buckets of chicken and a collective case of heartburn later, along with a tiny string tie (for Richard, natch) and a few secret herbs and spices, and we had the raw materials to begin building. 

hat blog1


That's right, not only is the Kentucky Fried Derby Hat the finest hat you'll ever behold, it's also a multi-sensory experience that comes gently scented with a hint of the Colonel's finest.

More than 48 collective hours went into the making of this unique hat, all so its proud owner can be the center of attention during "the most exciting two minutes in sports." Will it be you?

The World's Most Epic Kentucky Fried Derby Hat went on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, April 29, 2016 for only $599.99. The hat is still available for purchase.

hat blog9


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