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By Coleman Larkin |

Oh hell yeah! We’ve been slaving away in the Kentucky for Kentucky kitchen and we’re back with another delicious delicacy dripping with savory state pride and Thanksgiving vibes.

Gravy Tie Dye

Sop up some KFC Gravy Tees, y’all!

Give thanks for your blessings like the freak that you are with these badass tie-dyed T-shirts handmade by turd-preserving Kentucky artist Coleman Larkin using 100% real gravy from a 100% real KFC (the kind with a buffet!) in lovely Lexington, Ky.

A painstaking proprietary process ensures that every mouth-watering garment is ruined to perfection with a unique, hypnotizing stain designed to induce the world’s first and only gravy-based psychedelic experience. Just slip one on and surf the saucy stratosphere, maaaaan.

Double hell yeah! Go insane in the membrane and get on the wavy grain stain train! You’ll be having gravy flashbacks for years!

“When it comes to Thanksgiving,” says Larkin, “you’ve got your turkey people and your sides people. Me? I’m all about that sauce. I wanted to create a wearable work of art for all the other sauce kings and kweens out there living that grimey sauce life. I see you and I appreciate your struggle.”

A limited run of “KFC Gravy Tees” are now available in-store and online in the shop.

Gravy Tie Dye Models Gravy Tie Dye Lexington Rainbow

Gravy Video by Erick Moore

Gravy Hippy Models: Whompuss Cat & Kai Muhammad

Gravy Model photography by Cassie Lopez Photography

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