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"22 Kick-Ass Kentucky Beards"

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

With the chill of November upon us, we find ourselves spending most nights fireside, sipping a smooth, small-batch bourbon and flipping through the archives of the most kick-ass Kentuckians to date. Oh! to be Boone, or Lincoln…or even the Colonel- the thought alone has us quivering with KY pride.  You might ask, What made these men the epic heroes we worship today? Well, it's true that they we're strong as a bear, sly as a fox and quick as a copperhead on a summer Sunday. But, if you gaze deep into the crystal ball of the Bluegrass, you'll see that it was their manly grizzle that truly made this success story sizzle.

Now that our minds are a flurry with the most decadent beards ever to grace our great state, we got on the horn to the only man who could truly tackle the task of showcasing this fine spread. On the other end of that fateful call to arms was the one and only Ron Jasin of Louisville's Madpixel Art & Design Studio. Ron is no stranger to the finest details, and knows a thing or two about the most bad-ass beards around. He set his pen to motion, and when he stepped back to see the glory of his creation, a KY beard commemoration for the ages was born. Amen.


(Caption: Upper Left to Bottom Right: The "Macho Man" Randy Savage, The Foster Brooks, The Billy Ray Cyrus, The Bonnie Prince Billy, The Ming the Merciless, The Abraham Lincoln, The Jim James, The Harry Dean Stanton, The Patrick "Outlaw Pete" Fette, The Artimus Pile, The Kevin Richardson, The Butch Beard, The John Robert Boone, The John Bell Hood, The Griffin VanMeter, The Randolph McCoy, The Jesus, The John James Audubon, The Robert Kirkman, The Henry Earl, The Harvey Westmoreland, The Colonel Harland Sanders)

In honor of "No Shave November" we're donating a portion of the proceeds from our "Famous Beards" print sales to benefit prostate cancer research and awareness. This limited-edition run of 150 signed prints is truly the gift that keeps on giving; because, let's be real, when it comes to kick-ass beards, Kentuckians are both growers & showers.

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