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9 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids During Quarantine According To Someone Who Doesn't Have Kids

By Andrew Allingham |

Wow, time flies when you are having fun, the Summer of Covid-19 is almost over! But what to do with the kids now that you're all stuck at home zooming? Don’t you fret — here are 9 fun activities you can do with your kids until the world resets, according to someone who doesn’t have kids!

1. Face Mask Decorating!
Halloween is right around the corner, so get out those paint pens and sequins, it's time to decorate some masks! Vampire teeth bleh! Cat whiskers meow! Zombies  zomb! Get creative! While the supplies are out, you might as well make Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and 4th of July masks for next year. We're gonna be here for awhile.

Sourdough Starter
2. Start A Sourdough Starter!
Grownups have been all about that sourdough life in quarantine, but there's no reason kids can't get in on the craze! It's like a science experiment and a snack baked into one! Plus it's a good life skill they can use when they're living on their own during COVID-32. 

Get Lost In The Great Outdoors
3. Get Lost In The Great Outdoors!
Kids need time to stretch their legs in between grueling zoom sessions, and now is as good a time as any to get outdoors and learn to use a compass and a map. Plus if the kids are bad at it, it opens up some free time while they try to find their way back home. You won't want them to miss too many classes though, otherwise they'll get suspended and have to stay home even more, so be sure to sew a few GPS locators into their clothes for easy recovery (plenty of options on not sponsored). 

paper dolls
4. Make Paper Dolls Of Loved Ones!
Get out the safety scissors, and let the fashion take hold! That's a wonderful dress for Betty. Doesn't grandpa look funny in his top hat? Just make sure the kids take special care drawing the faces, who knows when they’ll ever see their friends and family again.

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Did you have guts?

5. Remember The Good Old Days!
Who needs school when you're stuck in quarantine with a walking, talking history lesson? Regale your kids with tales of what a Toys R Us was, how pogs were so cool they banned them from school, and how no one could ever put the silver monkey together correctly, but you definitely would have if only they had let you be on TV. They'll be thrilled to live with someone so old and wise.  

Build A Fence
6. Learn To Build A Fence!
Call before you dig, but then it’ll be hours of fun digging post-holes by hand! If the fence is sturdy enough, they’ll have a heck of a time escaping zoom school, but if it's not, there's plenty of time to try again before the ground freezes.

Counting Cards for Kids!
7. Practice Counting...Cards!
Blackjack is a great way to learn numbers, shapes, colors, addition and subtraction all-in-one! The perk of counting at this age is if they get caught, they can always pretend they don't know how to count, even though they definitely do, because they had the best quarantine teacher...You! 

Family Band
8. Start A Family Band!
Now, this could either pay off, or get annoying real fast, so you'll have to figure out if your children are talented or if they're just cute. Remember not to bring up drums or horns unless they do. Worst comes to worst, they can always play bass because no one can hear it anyway. Who knows, you may have a new psychedelic super group right under your own roof! 

Victory Garden
9. Plant A Victory Garden!
It's a little late in the season for the fun vegetables, but it's not like you can grow mac 'n' cheese or dino nuggets from the ground anyhow. Sorry kids, it's time to plant beets! Once it's time to harvest, you teach them canning and enjoy beets til Spring when it's time to plant beets again. 

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