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New "Derby Traditions" Print

By Kentucky for Kentucky |

We're launching these awesome new Derby-themed prints designed by Rachael Sinclair at 10 a.m. Friday, May 5!

We love our traditions, and no time of the year is filled with more Kentucky traditions than the Derby.


Louisville-based graphic designer Rachael Sinclair interprets several  long-standing "Derby Traditions" as jockey silks in this awesome new print. Rachael created the design as a companion piece to our much-loved "Decadent and Depraved" print, which she also designed and Buzzfeed couldn't get enough of.


We'll release a limited-run of "Derby Traditions" prints at 10 a.m. this Friday, May 5 in the online shop and at the Kentucky Fun Mall, 720 Bryan Ave. in Lexington. Finished prints measure 19.5″ x 24.25″, offset printed by Thoroughbred Printing in Lexington, Kentucky on French Paper. Each print signed.


Get 'em while you can, y'all, because once they're out of the gate, they're gone. Let's take a look at the field:


Mint Julep ~ A perennial favorite come this time of year, it's a little known fact that Derby day is in fact the only day of the years it's socially acceptable to drink a mint julep in Kentucky.


Old KY Home ~ A crowd favorite. What Kentucky native doesn't get a little misty eyed when we get to the "weep no more" part on Derby day?


Infield Throne ~ This one is well known to denizens of the infield. Some choose to run the Porta Potty gauntlet, and for other it's not a Derby until someone passes out in an infield throne.


Lilly Filly ~ This one is for the ladies, and for all the Louisville natives who now forgo The Oaks in favor of "Thurby".


Fleur-De-Lis ~ A hometown favorite, this stylized lily represents the city of Louisville.


Fast Footwear ~ We've heard that the fillies have so many pairs of horseshoes that they're upgrading the stables at Churchill Downs to include walk-in closets.


Surething ~ This one's a long shot. The only sure thing at the Derby? Long lines for the bathrooms.


First Jewel Pie ~ One of the more creative entries, folks have come up with many ways to avoid calling this pie what it is: First Jewel in the Triple Crown pie, First Saturday in May Pie, Kentucky Pie, Mayday Pie, y'all know what we're talking about.


C-Listlebrities ~ This entry was big in the '90s, but hasn't been heard from much since. Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Nick Lachey, Paris Hilton, Johnny Weir, Wes Welker … we see y'all.


Smart Chapeau ~ It's hard to top this one. Each example tends to be even more stunning than the next.


Seersucker ~ A close contender with Mint Julep as a Derby day favorite. Likewise, Derby is the only acceptable day of the year to unironically sport a seersucker suit.


1stSaturdayMay ~ If you can only remember one entry, this is the one.


Cigars ~ You'll have to forgive us for saying so, but this is a smoking hot entry that's hard to ignore.


State Spirit ~ This entry spends a lot of time in the barn, but once it's released it tends to go very quickly.


Thunderstruck ~ This one started out with a blast, but peaked a few weeks ago with a spectacular display over the Ohio river.


Bloomin' Champ ~ This one always finds a way into the winner's circle come Derby day.


Hunter S. Thompson ~ A favorite son of Kentucky, you can read this entry's gonzo take on the Derby experience here.


Plenty O'Ponies ~ This entry is a good one to roll into an exotic bet, along with a favorite or two.



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