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Dress Like Your Favorite Kentuckian And Run A 5k With Us!

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

Who's down to dress like your favorite Kentuckian and run a 5k with us during the Breeder's Cup Festival Week? Best costume wins $1000!

Join us for the inaugural Kentucky For Kentucky 5K (25 Furlongs) & Kids Stick Horse Stampede on Sunday, October 25, 2015 at 2:00pm at the Kentucky Horse Park/Alltech Arena in North Lexington. This event will officially kickoff Breeder's Cup Week in Central Kentucky.

Chip timed, Overall & Age Group Awards (5K), DJ, Technical T-shirts (first 1,000 registrants) and finishers medals (first 1,000), $1,000 Best Dressed Kentuckian award, post race food and food trucks all on the beautiful grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park in the Horse Capital of the World.

Start and finish at the Alltec Arena. Packet pickup on Saturday, October 24th from 12-5pm at a location to be announced. Partial proceeds benefit Chris McCarron's Injured Jockey's Fund.

Potential Costume Ideas


1. Daniel Boone
2. Colonel Sanders
3. Colonel Sanders Riding a Chicken
4. Captain Jack Sparrow (he's a Kentuckian via Johnny Depp)
5. Hillbilly Beast
6. A giant foam shaped Kentucky with a face hole cutout (sort of like eddie murphy gumby)
7. Abe Lincoln
8. Technicolor graffiti abe lincoln
9. Hipster Abe Lincoln
10. Macho Man Randy Savage
11. Jennifer Lawrence
12. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
13. Muhammed Ali
14. Will Smith as Muhammed Ali
15. Johnny Depp as Hunter S Thompson (long haired wig, with a bald cap on top)
16. Ernest
17. Achey Breaky heart mullet era Billy Ray Cyrus
18. Epic Kentucky Waterfall (mullet)
19. The Judds (group costume)
20. The 6 Million Dollar Man (Lee Majors, adopted Kentuckian)
21. Secretary from Ghostbusters
22. Shaking hands from flag (Sort of like Two-Face, with one arm pioneer sleeve, other arm statesman sleeve)
23. Hunter S. Thompson
24. Jim Gray
25. Ritchie Farmer (#32 Jeresy, Handcuffs, Mustache)
26. Coach Cal
27. Ned Beatty from Deliverance (bring a pet pig)
28. George Clooney
29. George Clooney from O Brother, Where Art Thou?
30. Loretta Lynn
31. My Morning Jacket (group costume)
32. Bill Monroe
33. Kevin Richardson as a Backstreet Boy
34. Martha Layne Collins
35. Coach Cal & Coach Pitino Siamese Twins
36. Henry Clay
37. Abe Lincoln Vampire Slayer
38. Henry Clay Terminator
39. Center Point
40. George Clooney ER Doctor
41. George Clooney from Spy Kids 3-d
42. Kentucky Big Foot
43. Turtle Man
44. Turtle Man Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
45. George Clooney as Batman
46. Johnny Depp from Blow
47. Johnny Depp from Edward Scissorhands
48. Kenny Walker
49. Darrel Isaacs the Heavy Hitter
50. Rob Lock
51. Adolf Rupp
52. Henry Clay zombie
53. Daniel Boone space explorer
54. Colonel Sanders vampire
55. Tom Cruise from Risky Business
56. Half Ashley Judd Half Colonel Sanders
57. Bourbon Barrel
58. Fried Chicken
59. George Clooney as Tom Cruise
60. Sturgill Simpson
61. A Toyota Camry
62. Bourbon Bottle (Makers, Jim Beam, etc)
63. A Chicken
64. A Horse: Man O War, American Pharoah
65. Bluegrass
66. Bluegrass Band (group idea)
67. Daniel Boone as a goat
68. Kim Davis
69. Chicken riding a horse
70. Horse riding a chicken
71. Horses breeding (couples costume)
72. Blue Building
73. Diane Sawyer
74. Diane Sawyer as Rambo
75. Jim Beam

Special thanks to Ben Wade and Rachael Sinclair for the awesome poster!

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