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Getting Lucky With Kentucky For Kentucky

By Kentucky For Kentucky |


Forget diamonds, Kentucky is a girl's best friend. Just in time for the big Valentine's Day, we're excited to announce that Meg C's famous handcrafted sterling silver Kentucky necklaces are back. This Friday February 6th, a limited line of 100 handcrafted, sterling silver Kentucky state necklaces will be available for you to purchase on our website. These delicate necklaces are hand-designed by Meg Carroll and molded out of 100% sterling silver, making them a classic, lifetime investment. Pairing beautifully with both casual and formal clothing, it is an everyday piece that also showcases your personal connection to the Commonwealth.

Made in Kentucky by Meg Carroll (Read more about Meg here). We'll have 100 necklaces available on our website this Friday February 6th at 10:00 am.


This Valentine's Day give your sweetie one of these beautiful silver necklaces and you're sure to get lucky in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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