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"How To Make Old Kentucky Famed Drinks"

By Kentucky for Kentucky |

Juice up your Derby party with these classic Kentucky bourbon cocktails popular in the 1930s.

Derby season is upon us, friends, and that means that over here at Kentucky for Kentucky we're getting ready to mix up a few dozen of our favorite bourbon cocktails and start placing a few bets. The mint julep will always be a crowd pleaser for all your parties, but why stop there?

As we look to the bright future that awaits us on Derby Day, we also glance back to the past for a little celebratory inspiration. And this week, we're representing a special collection of 47 drink recipes from 1934 curated by the Brown Foreman Distillery Company of Louisville, Kentucky.


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Published a year after the repeal of the 18th amendment, this little book gave Kentuckians a go-to guide for mixing bourbon cocktails — and now we're digging into the archives to let this little guide transport us back to our roots.

These drinks were some of the favorite elixirs of the 1930s — and they're still just as delicious today. Get out the shakers, strainers, and jiggers, freeze yourself the freshest of ice, and line up the liquor, because we're giving you a few throw-back recipes to to make this Derby party one for the record books. —Hannah LeGris

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