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Kentucky Love, Y'all!

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

With the launch of our "Kentucky Tattoo" t-shirt, we're sponsoring five proud Kentuckians to win their choice of an "I Love Kentucky" themed tattoo from Charmed Life in Lexington. Will it be you?

Love is in the air with these new Kentucky Tattoo t-shirts. Inspired by the classic Mom Heart tattoos, we've teamed up with Mandee Jane Robinson of Charmed Life Tattoo for a design that's good on a t-shirt and on your skin. These tatted tees will be available on our website this Wednesday, February 8th at 10am!

In honor of Valentine's Day and out new tees, we will also be giving away five tattoos of a similar design to five lucky Kentuckians. Our talented friends at Charmed Life Tattoo, a kick-ass independent tattoo shop on North Limestone in Lexington around the corner from the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall, have agreed to lend their talents and we're footing the bill.

Comment on our Instagram post why you should be selected to receive a complimentary "I Love Kentucky" tattoo and we'll pick our top five. The tattooing date is this Sunday, February 12. The five people we select will be required to call the shop to schedule a time, and select their favorite design from several "I Love Kentucky" themed styles created by the folks at Charmed Life.

Charmed Life Tattoo is home to some of the most talented tattoo artists in Kentucky. Established in 1999 by owner Robert Alleyne, Charmed Life is now home to eight skilled tattooers with a combined 55+ years of tattooing experience, and a multitude of styles and personalities.


Folks who really want one of these special "I Love Kentucky" tattoos are welcome to call Charmed Life and set an appointment even if they don't win the contest — we just won't be footing the bill.


Charmed Life is also offering a special "Flash Tattoo Sale" on that Sunday, February 12, where all tattoos are between $50 and $100 in any style you'd like. C'mon down and get inked, y'all!


Head on over to the shop for great deals on fresh Kentucky gear, or come on down and visit us at the Fun Mall, y'all! 720 Bryan Ave. in Lexington.

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