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Live, Love, Loretta.

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

This week, we're celebrating a Kentucky born and raised marvel of country music- Ms. Loretta Lynn. This honky-tonk songstress grew from her roots as a coal miner's daughter in a little nook of Eastern Kentucky to become the maven of the music industry that we all know today. She's got countless industry awards and prestige to her name, as well as being an inductee of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Loretta has been soothing savage souls and tugging on tender heartstrings for over 5 decades. She is truly a kick-ass Kentuckian of the highest order, and we're ready to shout it out everywhere from the highest hilltop to the deepest holler- WE LOVE YOU LORETTA LYNN.

In order to celebrate her majesty properly, we've teamed up with some badass KY artists who know a thing or 2 about the bluegrass. First off, we headed down to Bowling Green, KY to visit our pals Jim and Connie who are the driving creative force behind Print Mafia. This cult-classic collective rolls deep in everything print-worthy in the music industry and beyond- We knew they'd be top notch candidates to celebrate Loretta in her finest print form.

The Print Mafia dynamic duo set to work to create a masterpiece of honorable proportions. They wanted something that would capture both the beauty of Loretta's image and the strength of her words. Using the song lyric ("Remember when those city lights shine down / That old moon shines on your Kentucky girl") as inspiration, they were sparked with something similar to the Holy Ghost. Through this divine inspiration, they created a stunning 16" x 20" high contrast print on a rich, off-white 100lb stock. These beauties are signed & numbered as a limited-edition run of 200. Available this Friday, Oct. 24th at 10:00am. $30.

Next up, we went deep into the laboratory of famed KY mad scientist/ceramicist David Kenton Kring for a new take on an old favorite. David, elated to be fixating on the image of Loretta Lynn, spun the wheel as only he could. The result is this epic vessel that's ready to put some pep in your step on the daily. These handcrafted ceramic mugs featuring our lady of KY liberty are part of a limited–edition run of 25 and will be available on Friday, Oct. 24th at 10:00am. $36.

By the way, did we mention that Loretta will be playing a live show on Nov. 7th at The Louisville Palace? Yep, it's true- and thanks to our good friends at Live Nation, we've got a kick-ass pair of tickets to giveaway. Be on the lookout this week for your chance to win a night with Loretta Lynn you'll never forget.


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