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Meg C Sterling Silver Kentucky Necklaces

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

Get ready to make it a Valentine's Day to remember, Kentuckians, because we're placing this fine state even closer to your heart. On Friday, February 7th, we're launching a limited line of 50 handcrafted, sterling silver Kentucky necklaces that are going to make your sweetheart even sweeter on you. These delicate necklaces are hand-designed and molded out of 100% sterling silver, making them a classic, lifetime investment. Pairing beautifully with both casual and formal clothing, it is an everyday piece that also showcases your personal connection to the Commonwealth.

Our state necklace is definitive, thoughtful, and understated—and, like you, it has a Kentucky story to tell. This week, we're featuring the art of Meg Carroll, a Long Island transplant who has set down roots in Lexington, where she has made her career as jewelry designer and artist. Though she came to Kentucky by way of New York, Vermont, and the US Virgin Island, Meg explains, "In 2011, fate brought me to Lexington and I decided to stay.  The people and the place just got under my skin and I decided it would be great place to open my first store.  So in 2012, I opened Meg C Jewelry Gallery."

Meg says living in Kentucky has also given her the opportunity to become involved in a supportive community where she is able to be involved with trunk shows and local events while keeping her own store in the center of downtown. In addition to her regular stock, she creates custom-designed pieces based on customer requests. The Kentucky for Kentucky sterling silver state necklace is one of those special projects, only available through our own limited launch.

Though she grew up by the ocean and studied in New York City, since moving to Kentucky, Meg felt more connected to the natural world, and now incorporates elements like local Kentucky agate into her pieces.

"Kentucky, with its history and landscapes, has put its own stamp on my designs.  Within a 20-minute drive in any direction, I can see something beautiful and inspiring.  I've lived in Kentucky longer than I've lived anywhere else in the past 10 years, so I guess you could say I've put down some roots, and hopefully they'll keep growing deeper."

Time to show your love, Kentucky.


Sterling Silver Kentucky necklaces
Only 50 Available on Friday Feb 7th at 10:00AM
Made In Kentucky By Meg Carroll
Give this to a loved one this Valentines Day and make sweet Kentucky Love all night long.

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