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Steven Spielberg, Some Green Men, and Hopkinsville

By Erick Moore |

Steven Spielberg, Some Green Men, and Hopkinsville

Near midnight on the evening of August 21st (over sixty years ago now), twenty different police officers from various divisions hastily arrived at the scene of the rural farmhouse belonging to the Sutton family, located in Kelly, Kentucky near Hopkinsville. The screen door was torn, a previously placid home reportedly riddled throughout the course of …

One twenty seven. 

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

One twenty seven. 


Iconic enough that anyone "in the know" needn't elaborate with excessive descriptors. For those uninformed, it refers to the name and number of the Highway that stretches from Michigan down to Alabama and (more specifically) the 690 miles that are home to the "World's Largest Yard Sale." The annual event began in '87 …