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Lexington Rainbow

By KY for KY Store Admin |

Lexington Rainbow

This week, we launch the 'Lexington Rainbow Print,' an emblematic and classic design with a rich history spanning back nearly 40 years.  As we celebrate all things America we're also celebrating all things Lexington – a tip-of-the-hat to the town Kentucky for Kentucky calls home. This is no ordinary rainbow, but one with a …

Welcome Home, Harry Dean Stanton, Kick-Ass Kentuckian!

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

Welcome Home, Harry Dean Stanton, Kick-Ass Kentuckian!

As lovers of the strange and mystical, Kentucky for Kentucky is getting pumped to revel in the glory of Harry Dean Stanton, a man known for his long, versatile acting career, musical abilities, and status as a kick-ass Kentuckian.
June 13th – 15th marks the fourth annual Harry Dean Stanton Fest, a celebration started by …