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The People's Champion. The Louisville Lip. Or, simply, The Greatest of All Time.

By KY for KY Store Admin |

It's a matter of fact that no native Kentuckian has defined the American experience more courageously than Muhammad Ali. From his years as a world heavyweight boxing champion and anti-war counter-cultural icon to his turn as a modern day peace activist and philanthropist, Ali has continued to break and reset the mold with a life dedicated to charity and compassion.

So how does one honor this man today, on this, his 71st birthday?

Here at Kentucky for Kentucky, we think that a man of Ali's stature deserves a day of his own with which others may be inspired by His Greatness; to spend his birthday performing feats worthy of a man who who went toe to toe with the best fighters in the world and bested them all; whose verbal cunning proved just as awesome as his feats of strength; whose buoyant personality shone through each interview, each bout, each personal and political struggle.

Therefore, we, the executors and brain-trust on behalf of Kentucky for Kentucky, do hereby petition the White House to designate the 17th of January as "Muhammad Ali Day," a federally observed and annually reoccurring holiday.

Because of the proposed holiday's proximity to President Obama's recently announced National Day of Service on January 21st as well aswith Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, the four day span of time would henceforth serve as a "long weekend" of public service and kinship within communities across the nation. In concurrence with the proper observance of Ali Day, the following activities are strongly encouraged:

1. Donate an hour or more of your day to a charitable, environmental or social justice cause in your community.

2. A young Ali picked up boxing to get revenge on the thugs who stole his bike. In that  spirit, pick up a new hobby  that promotes inner-growth.
3. Converse in metered rhymes wherever and whenever possible.
4. Make a donation to Ali's eponymous center, which is dedicated to personal and international greatness and peace,  and to visit it if possible.
5. At all times practice Ali's six core values of respect, confidence, conviction, dedication, charity, and spirituality.6. Be great. (Alternatively, shout "I'm the greatest!" often and with verve, especially as a form of self-congratulation.)Now go forth, and be great!
By Jonathan Meador
We've set up a petition to the Obama Administration to "Establish A Federal Holiday Honoring "The Greatest Of All Time" Mr. Muhammad Ali". We need 100,000 signatures to make have our petition considered. Once considered who could deny Ali a federal holiday?
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