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Stuffed Cokey The Bear

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Kentucky for Kentucky





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Kentucky for Kentucky aka The Home of Cocaine Bear aka The Keepers of Cokey aka The Protectors of Pablo have sketched and sculpted and worked and reworked to bring you a fully custom plushie available nowhere else in the world! 

We can't put a price tag on the real stuffed Cocaine Bear so we've recreated ole Pablo as a smaller, cuter, and fluffier Cocaine Teddy Bear with bricks of cocaine and signature blue hat. And we added a little nostalgia with a Cocaine Bear™ hang tag complete with Cokey's birthday and a poem. Get yours today! You never know, they could be selling miniatures of these in Happy Meals someday. 

You can read the story of how Cocaine Bear came to reside at the Kentucky Fun Mall here, as well as Cocaine Bear’s numerous press reports.

Super soft black plush stuffed bear. ~10" tall sitting. Fully custom. Designed by The Hern. Cocaine not real. Hang tag poem reads:

"Straight to it's heart the cocaine went,
This party animal got completely bent.
From the Chattahoochee Forest straight to you,
Cokey wants a hug and maybe a bump too."