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A Comprehensive List of Notable Kentucky Inventions, Volume 3!

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

For the past two years, the amazing design team at Cricket Press has churned out a special series of prints just for us called "A Comprehensive List of Notable Kentucky Inventions". In April 2012, the first volume celebrated the glorious Kentucky creations such as baseball bats, bowie knives, gold, fried chicken, and couch burning. It was featured on the Laughing Squid. It was a huge hit on the Pinterest. This print was so epic, we teamed up with Cricket Press again in 2013 to launch Volume 2. This time the print celebrated another round of inventions that make us proud to be Kentuckians- the cheeseburger, the Happy Birthday song, the High Five, and disco balls.

And now, it's 2014 and we have Volume 3 hot off the presses. Add this print to your collection and never forget the blessed inventions that came out of Kentucky. This time we celebrate bluegrass music, steamboats, dog mayors, robots, family fueuds, basketball rivalries, and the hot brown. Dig in, Kentuckians. This limited edition print (only 100 available) will be available Wednesday the 17th at 10:00AM on our website. $30.

Check out Volume 1 and 2 below.

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