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Kick Ass Kentucky Zombies

By KY for KY Store Admin |

AMC's hit show the Walking Dead was invented right here in Kentucky by two kick ass Kentuckians, writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore. Like the rest of America, we're huge fans of the show. The finale of the Walking Dead's third season airs this Sunday. We can't wait. As a tribute to the season finale we've used the Dead Yourself app to turn a bunch of kick ass Kentuckians into zombies. Who's your favorite?

Wendell Berry

Kick Ass Kentuckian Wendell Berry

 Rajon Rondo Zombie

Kick Ass Kentuckian Rajon Pierre Rondo
Jennifer Lawrence Zombie

Kick Ass Kentuckian Jennifer Lawrence
Hunter S Thompson Zombie
Kick Ass Kentuckian Hunter S. Thompson
Turtle Man Zombie
Kick Ass Kentuckian Ernie Lee Brown AKA Turtle Man

 Diane Sawyer

Kick Ass Kentuckian Diane Sawyer
Ali Zombie

 Loretta Lynn Zombie

Kick Ass Kentuckian Loretta Lynn
Colonel Sanders Zombie
Kick Ass Kentuckian Colonel Harland David Sanders
Abraham Lincoln Zombie

George Clooney Zombie

Kick Ass Kentuckian George Clooney Is A Beautiful Man
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