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The Official Toile Of Kentucky

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

Toile (also known as  "Toile de Jouy" ) has been around for a long-ass time; it's a mid-18th-Century-turned-21st-Century classic. While toile is still very popular amongst the uppercrust crowd, we thought it could use an update: a little sprinkle of Colonel Sanders' secret recipe, a little Muhammad Ali power punch, a little of George Clooney's beauty and swagger…and, obviously, some bourbon.

What it needs is a whole lot of Kentucky. It also needed some illustrations. So we enlisted our good friend Rachael Sinclair to design and illustrate us some toile. Not just any toile, but a killer "Kentucky Toile". The official toile of Kentucky. We're bringing you a toile that beautifully captures some of the people, places, and things that make Kentucky the greatest place on the planet.

Keeping in sync with the classic style of the traditional French toile, Rachael's illustrations depict some of Kentucky's best offerings: bourbon, basketball, Loretta Lynn, Muhammad Ali, George Clooney, Colonel Sanders riding a chicken, Bill Monroe, Horses (we invented horses), Federal Hill, Cumberland Falls, Hunter S. Thompson leaning against the Louisville clock, the Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Ale 8 One, Kentucky clouds, and Golden Rods. Once again Rachael crushed it for the Commonwealth. The end result is just beautiful.

We've got big plans for our 'Kentucky Toile'. We're working on a line of home goods: items like tablecloths, linens, pillows, oven mitts, and even some kick ass 'Kentucky Toile' aprons. We'll have it all available for pre-sale soon.

But first up, we've got prints: epic 'Kentucky Toile' prints. And they're available in two colors: Cardinal red and a Big Blue Nation blue. They look killer as a pair. They're limited to 150 prints in each color, printed on French Paper Company paper, signed by Rachael Sinclair. Only $30.

They're up for sale and available online on Thursday October 17th at 10:30 am. Just like Rachael's famous 'The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent And Depraved' print, these won't last long. 


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