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Last April, we launched an epic print celebrating the most exciting two minutes in sports – the motha freakin' Kentucky Derby. We collaborated with Louisville artist Rachael Sinclair on this decadent and depraved print. Not just any print, an infographic of kick-ass Kentuckian Hunter S. Thompson's famous essay on the 1970 Kentucky Derby – …

The Official Toile Of Kentucky

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

The Official Toile Of Kentucky

Toile (also known as  "Toile de Jouy" ) has been around for a long-ass time; it's a mid-18th-Century-turned-21st-Century classic. While toile is still very popular amongst the uppercrust crowd, we thought it could use an update: a little sprinkle of Colonel Sanders' secret recipe, a little Muhammad Ali power punch, a little of George Clooney's …