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Kentucky Kicks Ass Tattoos

By Kentucky For Kentucky |

Kentucky Kicks Ass Tattoos

Nothing says I love you like a tattoo. It's one of the highest forms of flattery for a brand. On May 22, 2013 we asked our friends on Facebook if they'd like a 'Kentucky Kicks Ass' tattoo. We also offered to pay (using only Abe Lincolns). Since then we've been hooking a bunch of kick …

Kentucky Kicks Ass: A Kick Ass Case Study

By KY for KY Store Admin |

Kentucky Kicks Ass: A Kick Ass Case Study

 Three proud Kentuckians took it upon themselves to rebrand the great commonwealth of Kentucky. A pretty big task, considering they had zero money and no one asked them to do it. They launched a YouTube video declaring: Kentucky Kicks Ass. And the people of Kentucky either loved it or hated it, but it got them talking about the great people, places and things their state has to offer. A campaign that was heard around the world and part of popular culture. Mentioned in The USA Today, NPR, the BBC and comically in Conan O'Brien's monologue.